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Monday, September 29, 2014

Online Photography Gallery For You.

I want to invite people who visits this blog to see things as I do, understand what I think and feel.
What I like to do is -Artistic Photography-(shapes,colors,figures,details) but when I see something worthy of being seen, I click it.

I would also love to give this space to share other people's work.People who is staring in photography and want a free online gallery.

I encourage you to send me a photo and I will publish it every sunday. You can send it to my Facebook page inbox:  (and Like while you are there)

-Send me 1 photo you want to be publish in { 7 Fotos }Blog
-Send me your info (Name, age,location) and what type of camera you used to take your photo.

Sunday 12 will be the first exhibition in this virtual gallery.Thanks.


More photos...

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